PhoneStrap | Nylon
PhoneStrap | Nylon
PhoneStrap | Nylon

PhoneStrap | Nylon

Precio habitual$95.00
PhoneStrap | Nylon
White $95.00 USD
PhoneStrap | Nylon - White
$95.00 USD
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 The phone straps from ANY DI are a real alternative to handbags. A variety of different add-ons can be combined with this cool accessory to create the PhoneStrap to fit your individual needs. Whether on vacation or in everyday life, with the smartphone strap you always have everything at hand. Cell phones, cards, money, glasses and much more find the perfect place here. To attach the pockets to the strap, you can use the snaps. So ANY DI allows you to bring variation into your looks! 

The Nylon Strap White is durable, lightweight and can be adjusted to different sizes, adapting to your comfort and size. In addition to its functionality, the Pocket Phone Strap boasts a high-end look that is finished with gold-plated elements and hand-finished vegan leather details.  

The white is simple, but by no means boring, as it forms the basis for a variety of strap combinations. We like two looks in particular: the sporty look with our Basket Bag and Zip Pocket Straw, and the elegant look with the Snake Gold line.  

Become the designer of your own cell phone strap and reinvent yourself every day!  

How it works:   

The gold plated carabiners allow you to attach your phone case, phone case or a box bag, double bag or basket bag to your strap depending on your outfit. Snaps on the strap let you clip on Pockets or a SunCover Strap Clip with a SunCover. The strap is adjustable to fit your individual needs.  

-easy to attach to the PhoneStrap due to the D-Rings

-Magnetic closure for a secure and quick closure without scratching your phone screen.

-Signature ANY DI design, with the arched flap.

-24 karat gold plated metal elements

Height 17.4 cm I Width 9.7 cm I Depth 2 cm

article number:

The nylon strap can be easily cleaned by warm water and a damp cloth. This also applies to the components of the strap, which are made of vegan leather. Vegan leather not only convinces with a deceptively genuine look, but also with a pleasant feel and high durability. Furthermore, it is more environmentally friendly.

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The intelligent design-patented ANY DI Strap System allows countless variations of wearing options and there are no limits to your creativity. With the Bag L elegantly worn on the arm, you can turn everyday office life into a catwalk, casually worn as a shoulder bag it is the perfect travel companion and as a hip backpack it is simply THE statement piece par excellence. ANY DI offers a variety of carrying options and you decide which one fits your style!