Phone Strap Pockets


In contrast to the popular cords, the PhoneStrap more elegant and stylish, it also offers much more storage space. The Phone Strap is based on the principle that it adapts to you and your everyday life. With snaps you can attach various pockets, SunCover and card cases. The variants are endless. To help you create your perfect PhoneStrap the PhoneStrap configurator will help you. For the undecided there is already ready combos. There is even a discount on the combos.

Small everyday objects such as keys, cards, money or headphones

On the back are the gold-plated emblems of the PhoneStrap Snaps to which you can easily attach the pockets. But also if you leave the house without pockets, the PhoneStrap sees through the three Emblems still look chic!

The pockets are all available individually, so you can buy multiple pockets and mix and match. That's what makes the PhoneStrap so special and changeable

Both straps are adjustable in size. The highest size range but the PhoneStrap has nylon. The leather strap is adjustable in size like a belt with the help of holes

Our new Phone Pouches can replace the cell phone case and hold all cell phone sizes. They are available in multiple colors

That depends entirely on the design of your strap. Because the nylon straps are cared for differently than leather straps. Accurate care details are listed with the straps under design detail.