To make sure you can enjoy your ANY DI in the long term, there are a few things to consider.


Only materials of high quality such as naturally tanned leather are being used for all ANY DI products. A characteristic of the natural material leather is slightly irregular textures and color nuances. Over time, the color can change due to skin contact and sunlight which gives your ANY DI item a natural patina. Depending on the type of leather, special care is required to ensure your ANY DI brings you happiness for a long time.



Our nappa leather is an especially smooth leather that is made of the cattle's ungrounded skin surface. For optimal protection, all Nappa-products can be treated with colorless leather-care products and a microfiber cloth.


The fine and velvety structure of nubuck leather requires particularly gentle care and cleaning. Dry cleaning should always be carried out first. Depending on the degree of soiling, a cleaning brush with rubber lamellae or a foam rubber block is suitable. Both should only be used very gently to protect the sensitive material. A regularimpregnation prolongs the durability of the bag and protects it optimally against dust, dirt, and moisture. Caution is advised in the sun: The rays bleach the leather faster.


When cleaning suede leather, dry cleaning should always be carried out as a first step. Depending on the degree of soiling, a brush cleaner with rubber lamellae or a foam rubber block is suitable. We recommend treating and impregnating the bag with a suitable care product before it is worn for the first time. Here it is worth investing in special care products, e.g. those from Collonil. Regular use ensures that the leather looks good for a long time and is protected against dirt, dust and moisture.


Our Metallic Leather is a foil-coated smooth cowhide leather, which shines in a particularly refined way. To protect the leather optimally, all metallic products can be treated with colorless (shoe) leather care and cleaned with a microfibre cloth from time to time. To avoid scratches, do not use brushes.


The Leo look is created by a complex process in which the finest cowhide is printed. Cowhide is naturally dirt-repellent and therefore rarely needs to be cleaned. It is important to proceed in the direction of the growth of the fur and to pay attention to gentle care. Stains can be carefully removed with some warm water and a soft sponge. It is also important to ensure that there is no friction with the product, otherwise, the hairs may come loose.


Saffiano leather has long been reserved for a well-known fashion house, but is now taking over the handbag world due to its benefits.
The embossed and coated leather is extremely robust and stain-resistant. It is very easy to wipe clean with a wet cloth.


The canvas already has a dirt and water repellent coating. Nevertheless, we recommend that dirt and stains be removed immediately and that the impregnation be refreshed regularly. Stains on canvas are gently removed with mild soap, a small sponge, and lukewarm water. It is important here to let the cotton fabric dry well afterward.


This is a particularly sustainable, high-quality fabric made from the fibres of recycled PET bottles. This durable polyester fabric is extremely hard wearing and water repellent. Stains can be removed with a little warm water and a microfibre cloth.


The vegan leather processed here looks deceptively real, feels good, does not smell and is also an environmentally friendly alternative. Imitation leather also has a few advantages over real leather: It is more resistant, requires less care and is easier to clean. Dirt can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth. However, the artificial leather is also happy about a protective impregnation, at least our vegan leather in nappa look. The crocodile imitation already has a protective layer, further impregnation could appear blotchy. 

In addition to being easier to handle, artificial leather is of course free of natural bumps or scars.  


Apart from the previous, we would like to tell you about the following care instructions for your ANY DI:

Protect from extreme temperatures and light sources Prevent moisture and abrasion on the leather surface.

Do not use chemical cleaning agents and not too much of your care product.

Keep the handles of your ANY DI bag standing up and fixate them with the leather clip in order to prevent pressure marks.

If it suddenly rains, store your bag in the waterproof Nylon “trench coat”


There is a lot of love, handwork and high-quality behind the procurement of the materials and the production of all ANY DI products. If however a seam gets lose, a zipper breaks or similar, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will take care of the repair work or replacement. We don’t take responsibilities for visible signs of wear and tear like color fading due to light, stains from wrong cleaning or the loss of a strap etc.
We would also like to let you know, that leather is made from individual cows and therefore takes the coloring differently. That means for example the color Khaki Nubuck can be slightly different this year in comparison to last year. This is a consequence of the naturalness of our materials and underlines the individuality of ANY DI even more.

With proper care and the right treatment, your ANY DI will remain your faithful companion in every situation.