Sunglasses are prone to get scratched and dirty. The glasses cases that come with your sunglasses protect them, but take up a lot of space in your bag. Our designer, Anne Dickhart, worked on and optimized a solution for a glasses case that takes up minimal space.


    ANY DI SunCovers are functional, boast beautiful designs and made of high-quality material. Store your sunglasses in the SunCover and attach it to your bag - with the eyewear cases’ leather hanger, it becomes a stunning statement piece! Keeping that in mind, we created countless unique SunCovers with different designs, so you can find the perfect SunCover to match your personal style.


    1. High-quality materials
    2. Real gold/ silver plated details inspired by the ANY DI emblem.
    3. Acts as a glasses protector against dirt, scratches, and pressure marks
    4. SunCovers takes up little to no space. They can be attached and worn right to your bag!
    5. Fits every shape and size of glasses
    6. With the ANY DI Leather Hanger attached to the back of the cover, your SunCover can be easily hung anywhere.
    7. Your sunglasses will never get lost again
    8. Easy to grab, anytime you need it
    9. You can personalize and elevate your style
    10. It’s the perfect unique gift for your loved ones


    The SunCover revolutionizes the sunglasses market with its innovative and practical space-saving design. With the ANY DI Leather Hanger, you can hang the glasses case to your handbag or attach it to your trouser loop/ belt. You‘ll have your hands free, while showing off your stylish accessory.


    All colors of the ANY DI SunCover collection are eye-catchers. With over 70 colors and styles, there is something for every eyewear style and every outfit. Whether you prefer classic black, shimmering gold, camouflage, flamboyant pink, or trendy leopard print, ANY DI has a SunCover for every style. You are sure to find the right case color for your favorite glasses. To individualize your SunCover even further, we offer customizable options so that you can design your very own SunCover to perfectly match your personal style.


    The designer glasses cases are made with a variety of high-quality leather, canvas, tweed and more, depending on the style. The microfiber on the inside of the SunCover protects the glasses and helps keep the lenses free of dirt and debri. To top it all off, all metal detailing on the SunCovers are real gold plated or silver plated.

    Pair Your SunCover with Other ANY DI Accessories

    The SunCover’s convenient and compatible design makes it your all day, every day, and anywhere accessory! We designed the SunCover to fit with other ANY DI accessories – so you can always carry your shades hands-free. Easily attach your SunCover to ANY DI bags and Pocket PhoneStraps to carry sunglasses and eyewear ease wherever you go.


    It’s no ordinary glasses cover. SunCovers are the first of their kind: a wearable, space-saving, and innovative designer glasses case. Say goodbye to losing your sunnies in the bottom of your bag! SunCovers keep your sunglasses and other eyewear stylish and protected, right on your bag or body. SunCovers protect glasses from dust and damage with super soft microfiber fabric. They’re a statement-making style staple that keeps your designer shades scratch-free and always accessible

    It’s simple! 

    1. Open up your glasses.

    2. Fold the SunCover and place it over the lenses.

    3. Close the push button.

    4. Fold the brackets behind the case on the backside.

    5. Attach to the bag with the removable leather hanger.

    6. Live life with style and ease!

    We intentionally designed these designer sunglass cases to fit with any pair of glasses. But honestly – out of the millions of pairs tested – we have encountered one of two that the SunCover can’t adequately cover. If your glasses exceed the height of 6 cm, they will protrude from the bottom of the SunCover. That but this is rarely the case, even with really large glasses.

    Yes, often! But not always. The SunCover is not designed specifically for children's glasses. Depending on the age of the child, children's glasses are sometimes not wide enough to fill out this sunglass protector. Glasses with a width of at least 12 cm should fit inside the SunCover without any problems. For comparison: Adult glasses are 14 cm wide on average.

    The leather hanger is included with the SunCover, but it’s deliberately designed to be removable. This deliberate design choice allows you to attach the SunCover directly to the D-ring. For example, if you want to attach your SunCover to a carabiner, as is the case with the "SunCover Strap Clip” you can do so. If you happen to lose the leather hanger, there is the possibility to buy a replacement, either directly in the online store or on request if the desired color is not available in-store.

    The classic way to hang your SunCover is to attach it to your bag. Don’t carry a purse or bag? Pull these luxury glasses cases through your belt with the leather hanger, instead. All Pocket PhoneStrap carriers can attach the SunCover to the PhoneStrap using the SunCover StrapClip. To do this, pull the strap clip through the loop to your preferred height and attach it to one of the snaps. Remove the leather hanger and attack the SunCover to the StrapClip. 

    The SunCover is designed with a microfiber coating that keeps your beloved glasses clean while inside the case. This design prevents your glasses from scratches and dirt so they are always clean, and always protected.

    These sunglass and eyeglass protectors are available in a variety of designs on our website. We also work with partner brands that sell our extraordinary SunCovers in stores. Discover this unique accessory in boutiques and exclusive opticians around the world!