Designer Bags


    Noble designer bags and luxury backpacks

    Revolution on the bag market - the women's world has been waiting for this... Women who are constantly on the go will love the functionality of the ANY DI designer backpacks, which are an ideal business bag.


    ANY DI Bags all have something in common: functionality, comfort and luxurious design.

      • Bag L: The business bag for women on the move.
      • Bag M: The classic bag.
      • Bag XM: The compact space miracle.
      • Die Bags Sis a real all-rounder.

    Real miracle of transformation: ANY DI luxury backpack becomes a noble designer handbag

    Bag L, M and XM are luxury backpack and noble bag in one.

    Each ANY DI handbag (Bag L, M and XM) comes with an adapter and 2 leather straps, which make it easy to convert with the patented ANY DI suspender system. There are 3 wearing options so you can create the perfect bag look for every occasion:
    1. If you wear the bag elegant on your arm it is a real eye-catcher at every evening event.
    2. With the casual shoulder bag you are stylish on the road. Just clip on the adapter on one side. Then attach a strap to the adapter and clip it on the other side of the bag.
    3. The luxury backpack on your back gives you a sporty and elegant look at the same time. - Pull the two straps through the flaps at the bottom of the bag and fasten them to the buttons. Then cross the straps once, put them through both handles and clip them to the front metal rings of the handles. With the ANY DI BAG as backpack you have your hands free. The wearing comfort makes your everyday life easier and long distances a pleasure again.
    The tutorial "3 Ways to Wear" can be found here.

    The business woman no longer has to decide whether she wants a luxury backpack or a business bag! Both is possible with the ANY DI Bag. With the "3 Ways to Wear" of the ANY DI bags you are prepared for every occasion and at the same time luxurious and comfortable on the road. ANY DI luxury backpacks are a revolution in the bag market that makes the life of a business woman easier in everyday life and at the same time makes her look sexy, sporty and elegant on her way to her next appointment.

    The Bags S: a real all-rounder.

    The ANY DI Bag S is a clutch, purse, fanny pack and shoulder bag in one. The perfect companion for the whole day.