sustainability made fashionable

From bottle to handbag

The ShopperBag is a new member of the ANY DI family that we are particularly proud of!

The recycled PET bottles manufactured material is particularly sustainable as well as robust. Its water-repellent, tearproof, yet flexible properties make the ShopperBag into a durable bag.

1. In the first step, plastic bottles are collected and cleaned on a wide variety of beaches around the world.

2. First, the bottles are ground into flakes with a machine and processed further.

3. The flakes are then melted down so that the yarn can be spun.

4. Finally, the yarn is woven into a durable fabric. The ANY DI ShopperBag is made from this material.

The ShopperBag is the ideal all-rounder for style-conscious women who appreciate practicality and high quality and are looking for a timelessly modern companion for business trips, sports and leisure.

The ANY DI SunCover in black rose gold is also made from recycled PET & is the PERFECT MATCH for the ShopperBag! Buy here