The new vegan summer collection inspired by colorful Miami vibes

Pastel Art Deco elements on magnificent buildings, brightly colored beach houses and stylish cars on Ocean Drive transport you to the decade of glamour: the 20’s. Thestaggering Miami vibesare felt at first sight. It's warm and the sun tickles your nose as the roller skaters stroll by. You feel free, inspired, and connected. Miami is a beautiful melting pot where contrasts of art, culture, and history merge seamlessly. Where the hustle and bustle of the city meets the wilderness of the Everglades, and where alligators and flamingos take the center stage. 

The Miami Vibes Collection dives you into the Florida lifestyle! With subtle pastel tones combined with exotic crocodile patterns work together to make an undeniable statement. 

Founder and designer Anne Dickhardt lived in the Sunshine state for a few months as a young girl in the 1990’s as she trained for a career as a professional tennis player. She remembers being inspired by the intense and beautiful diversity of culture, architecture, and art. Anne recalls "The culture and beauty of nature fascinated me, so colorful and magical. Florida is one of my favorite travel destinations because it has so much to offer! Who knows, maybe I'll be drawn back there again someday!?" she enthuses. 

The designs of the new SunCovers are based in the iconic Art Deco style, combining new intricate details and patterns with the brand’s signature luxury materials and functional features for protecting your sunglasses.  The Pocket PhoneStrap shines in two new summery colors: Peach and Mint. In addition, the popular smartphone accessory now includes several practical pockets such as the new Bottle Bag, which you can clip onto the PhoneStrap instead of the phone case. Whether on a trip to the city or a day at the beach, your water bottle is always stylishly stored at your side. Your summer vacation has never looked better than with the new Miami Vibes Collection! Who knows? Maybe you'll even end up at Miami Beach…

Good to know: The Miami Vibes Collection is the first ANY DI collection made of vegan leather. The leather alternative used in the collection feels soft to the touch and is more eco-friendly approach. Our vegan leather also has many advantages over its real competitor: it is more resistant, requires less maintenance and is easier to clean. It is also free from natural imperfections or scars.