Design your individual SunCover with the new patch design!

The personality of each person is different, detailed and always unique. However, when it comes to describing one's own personality, it is quite difficult for most of them.That's why designer Anne Dickhardt created the Patch it!- Campaign launched!Now everyone can express what makes them special -without words!

The ANY DI Patch are unique and handcrafted pieces to personalize your SunCover.

With the patches you reveal a piece of your personality .

The design-patented SunCover - the unique cover for all types of glasses, is not only beautiful as a bag charm, but also extremely practical . This sets new standards for luxurious accessories.

The SunCover "Black Button"and all patches are made of high quality nappa leatherand 24 caratgold-plated elements. The concept is simple: Simply selec your favorite patch and attach it to the SunCover with the two buttons.

The ANY DI patches are 3D embossed and thought out down to the smallest detail. Each patch is handmade, individually repaired and individually checked. The robust and noble leather in combination with the bright colors is a real eye-catcher.