business accessoires to fall in love with

In 2020, we started the “Digital TransFEMAtion” campaign together with Fujitsu. The FUJITSU Tablet LIFEBOOK U9310X is the world's lightest convertible with a pen and offers ultimate flexibility in various areas of the professional world and everyday life due to its 360° rotatability. To match this, ANY DI designed the exclusive Bag L in classic black and intense red. Now, however, the men’s world can look forward to a Fujitsu X ANY DI bag, which is a real eye-catcher in the office.

Watch out men! Not only ANY DIvas want to shine at work. With the new ANY DI X Fujitsu bag, we have designed a product that can be used as a perfect everyday accessory for men and women. Practical, elegant and versatile. Whether for the FUJITSU Tablet LIFEBOOK U9310X or your favorite snacks for the lunch break, everything is safely stowed in this stylish bag.

The black leather in combination with the Fujitsu logo makes this bag look elegant and yet sporty. A perfect companion for every business meeting. The Fujitsu color red is picked up in the interior of the bag and gives it a pleasant change. For Fujitsu employees, an accessory that you do not want to do without.

The 2020 cooperation was already a great success. The ANY DI Bag L is the perfect laptop bag, which is why we designed a limited edition for Fujitsu. It is classy, practical and timeless at the same time and bears the Fujitsu logo on the bottom of the bag. The design-patented backpack function increases the carrying comfort and makes long journeys to work with the laptop pleasant again. With Fujitsu you are now not only technologically up-to-date. The cooperation with ANY DI links fashion, technology and everyday work. What better could you imagine?