April 2018

Anne Dickhardt, the founder of the accessories label ANY DI, reports in the magazine Brille&Mode about the idea for the„SunCover

B&M: How did you get the idea to design special glasses cases?

Anne Dickhardt: I love sunglasses and have a model for every occasion. At some point I ran out of space; after all, every piece has to be clean and neatly stored. The bulky spectacle cases took up a lot of space not only in my closets, but also in my handbag. Parallel to the design of my first innovative handbag, I had the idea to create a cover that picks up on the functionality of my bag, protects my glasses from dust and scratches and, according to my wish, looks chic as well. Why not turn the protection of glasses into a fashion piece? That's how the idea of the first Eyeccessory, our Any Di SunCover was born.

You have applied for a patent on the Suncover design – what are the features of the design?

Thanks to the very special curves of the outer shape, any shape and size of glasses will fit into the SunCover, which also protects against scratches and pressure points. The inner lining is made of microfibre, which keeps the sensitive lenses clean. All Sun-Covers are made of the highest quality cowhide, with real gold and silver plating. How would you generally classify the accessory spectacle case in fashionable styling? Nobody had the idea to upgrade it to a fashion accessory. Instead of letting it disappear in the pocket, it now looks like an eye-catcher on the outside. We offer our customers a choice of 30 different colours, from simple to eye-catching, to integrate it into their daily fashionable styling.

What feedback do you have from the market?

We have been very well received by the market and within two and a half years have managed to be placed with more than 500 retailers worldwide, including renowned stores such as Bloomingdale‘s in Kuwait, Lodenfrey in Munich, Rainer Brenner in Frankfurt/Main, Studio Optix in New York City and the Eye Boutique in Dubai. Our customers appreciate our innovative design and the extraordinary quality. Our bag collection has also been a great success. The ANY DI Bags are patented with the innovative Strap-Systems design. It is variably wearable: As handbag, over-the-shoulder bag and as backpack.