Designer Tote Bags


Who doesn't know it: long distances at business appointments, fully planned city trips or long distances at airports during a business trip or short vacation! And every time the same question comes up: Which handbag is the best choice? Which bag has enough space, protects my laptop, is comfortable to carry and still looks stylish so I can take it to the evening event. In her search for the perfect business bag and luxury backpack, Munich designer Anne Dickhardt simply developed a sensational unique design herself and revolutionized the bag market.

luxury backpacks that are also chic business handbags without compromise...

5 reasons why the ANY DI BAG L is the perfect luxury business bag

  1. Noble, practical, timeless. Elegant and sporty at the same time.
  2. The laptop fits in and is very well protected by the zippered compartment and reinforced bottom.
  3. The well thought-out interior compartments ensure order.
  4. Very high quality leather, metal elements and processing.
  5. The bag can be turned into a designer backpack without showing the backpack construction.

How the business bag works with style and comfort

designer backpack with luxury

Design patented backpack function: In a matter of seconds, the ANY DI Bag L can be transformed from a chic handbag into a stylish backpack. Simply attach the two leather straps to the buttons on the bottom of the bag and clip them to the handles of the bag. The carrying comfort makes long journeys with your laptop comfortable again and you have your hands free and can enjoy the trip.

The noble bag

The ANY DI Bag L can be worn elegantly on the arm or as a casual overshoulder bag. If you decide on the shoulder bag you take one of the two leather straps and attach it to the bag with the adapter. You are on the road with an elegant business bag and a real eye-catcher in the business world.

The new business bag - your advantages

Finally a business bag that can do more than just business.

The high capacity and perfect division of the interior space ensures excellent organization of all the utensils of everyday office life. The middle zipper compartment is used for optimal storage of laptop and DINA4. In addition, our patented strap system offers the unique possibility to convert the classic handbag into a shoulder bag or backpack in no time at all, depending on the situation, and this without any visible construction.

Smooth cowhide leather, genuine gold plating and high-quality workmanship create the perfect balance between pure luxury and suitability for everyday use.
Thanks to the minimalist exterior design, the contrasting colors on the inside are an absolute eye-catcher.

The ANY DI Bag L is an absolute innovation in terms of design and function. Whether for everyday business or weekend shopping, these popular handbags are ideal partners for your casual outfit as well as for your business look.

Microsoft Special Edition: ANY DI Bag L Design for the new Surfacebook

In the search for the perfect business and laptop bag for women who shred from one appointment to the next, Microsoft found what they were looking for in the ANY DI Munich showroom. The ANY DI Bag L Form was chosen as the perfect laptop bag for the Microsoft Surface Book. Shortly afterwards, the Surface Team created a special color edition for the new Surface Book together with designer Anne Dickhardt "ANY DI for Microsoft Surface". The combination of fine cowhide leather and soft nubuck leather in an elegant charcoal shade gives the interior of the book a noble and sporty shine in bright light blue and apricot. The logo sewn in with mirror leather sparkles discreetly on the bottom of the bag when worn. The surface book is safely stored in the middle of the bag. The mouse and drawing pen are stored in the inner compartments of the ANY DI Microsoft Surface Special Edition.

To match the stylish Microsoft business bag for women, ANY DI developed the complete ANY DI set in Charcoal. The functional and stylish accessories - a SunCover in Charcoal or a SunCover in bright Ice Blue as well as the practical Pouch in Charcoal, which is used as a cell phone cover - match the color of the ANY DI Mircrosoft Special Edition.

The ANY DI Bag S in Charcoal, which is both wallet and clutch, can be easily stored in the BAG L and serves as a wallet during the day and as a clutch for the gala evening.Bag M and Bag XM in Charcoal make the set complete.