SunCover | Brillenetui
SunCover | Brillenetui
SunCover | Brillenetui

SunCover | Brillenetui

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SunCover | Brillenetui
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SunCover | Brillenetui - Turquoise
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The SunCover "Turquoise" in bright turquoise is not only a protective case, but also a stylish accessory that covers your sunglasses in bright blue.

This monochrome SunCover is the ideal choice for keeping your glasses safe and fashionable. Cover your sunglasses with a touch of elegance and a vibrant splash of color - ideal for sunny days and a fresh look.

The bright turquoise of the SunCover not only attracts attention, but also gives your sunglasses a fresh and vibrant look. This shade is reminiscent of sunny days at the beach and brings the lightness of summer to your accessory collection.

Here's how it works:

Place your glasses between the soft, protective microfiber pads of the SunCover and close it with the 24 carat gold-plated press stud. You can close the temples on the back of the SunCover and attach the case anywhere using its hanger.

- Design-patented shape

- Fits all shapes and sizes of glasses

- Hanger on the back for attaching to a bag or belt

- D-ring on the back for attaching to the Pocket PhoneStrap with the SunCover Strap Clip

- Closable with press button

- Soft micro fiber inside of the SunCover protects your glasses

Part number:

Inside height 6.5cm - Inside width 13.5cm

Weight 0.04kg

This is a particularly sustainable, high-quality fabric made from the fibres of recycled PET bottles. This durable polyester fabric is extremely hard wearing and water repellent. Stains can be removed with a little warm water and a microfibre cloth.

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