Get inspired and discover your favorite Look.

Elysian Breeze

Colors and mood of the famous Greek island of Santorini determine the leitmotif: the blue and white of the buildings and the magenta of the flowers.


The Autumn-Winter Collection 22/23 was inspired by Parisian flair and lots of romance.

Miami Vibes

Our new summer collection Miami Vibes stands for the sunny, extravagant life that Miami represtents as well as colorful elements that spread good mood everywhere!


The Capsule Collection from 2022 is produced from recycled leather. Discover modern SunCovers and shoulder bags in the popular envelope shape.

Free Spirit

The Free Spirit Collection of 2021 is all about the hippie movement and the concept of freedom the style radiates. In this collection you will find a lot of cognac and fringes!

Pocket Phonestrap

The Pocket Phonestrap Collection of 2021 is solely based around our revolutionary Pocket Phonestrap. You can custumize your Phonestrap and add the pockets you like, doesn't matter if it's an earpod pocket, a poo pocket or another one of our options, it's your choice!

Patch it!

This collection is based on our philosophy: creativity and functionality. The fun patch it! patches allow you to customize the SunCover. By clipping on your favorite patches to the Patch it! SunCover, you can individualize the SunCover and express your current mood!

the escapade

The Escapade collection is for all of you brave ones. If you are tired of your boring outfits, this pink bold theme during this collection will spice up every plain outfit!

Midnight Sky

The Midnight sky collection is inspired by the impressive stars in the sky. The darkness of the night brings out the other beautiful side of the sky. The gold, black and velvety design will make you feel as glamorous as you can be!


The Signature Collection involves all of the classics you do not want to miss in your closet! It involvs a the trendy lightpink and beige infusion, that you can never go wrong with. Although the colours are classic, the fringes and the snakeprint add a certain interest to the outfit.

Wild life

It's going to get wild now! This collection was inspired by the fast and majestic looking leopard. Leo prints have been a staple print for a long time and can't help but to give you an exotic look!

loves you

This collection is all about hearts. This symbol stands for love and positivity, so make yourself and others smile!