Suncover Strap Clip
Suncover Strap Clip

Suncover Strap Clip

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Suncover Strap Clip
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Suncover Strap Clip - Lavender
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Give your SunCover even more versatility with the SunCover Strap Clip - the perfect add-on for maximum flexibility. Simply remove the Lavender SunCover and easily attach it to the phone strap using the strap clip. The press stud on the inside ensures a secure hold. Use the eyelet on the back of your glasses case to attach the Lavender SunCover to your strap clip.

The Lavender SunCover strap clip is made from high-quality, soft nappa leather and features genuine gold-plated hardware for a sophisticated look, durability and quality. The embossed logo in the centre gives the accessory an elegant finish.

With the Lavender SunCover Strap Clip, you can extend the range of uses of your SunCover and the Pocket Phone Strap. Your glasses are always to hand and can be conveniently attached to the PhoneStrap. Enjoy the flexibility and luxury of this accessory and complete your outfit with this stylish add-on.

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