SunCover | Glasses Case
SunCover | Glasses Case
SunCover | Glasses Case

SunCover | Glasses Case

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SunCover | Glasses Case
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SunCover | Glasses Case - Sage
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Sage, a gentle colour inspired by the leaves of nature, is known for its calming and peaceful properties. Its subtle yet striking presence evokes a sense of calm and promotes a serene state of mind. With the SunCover Sage, you can take this serene atmosphere with you wherever you go and create a harmonious balance in your everyday life.

The SunCover Sage is an exquisite accessory that combines style, functionality and serenity. Crafted with great attention to detail, this remarkable SunCover protects your glasses while reflecting the calm essence of the soothing colour sage.

The SunCover is made from vegan leather, which is a sustainable and hardwearing alternative without compromising on style. The premium quality of the vegan leather makes it a long-lasting companion for your glasses and offers reliable protection against dust and scratches.

Every detail of the SunCover Sage exudes elegance and luxury. The metal elements are plated with 24 carat gold.

And this is how the cool EYE-ccessory works: Insert lenses with open temples, close the cover and lock it with the button. This gives the glasses a firm hold. Fold the temples on the back of the SunCover and you're done! Thanks to its patented design, the SunCover is suitable for all common shapes and sizes of glasses and is available in more than 60 different colours and styles.

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