Mini Pocket
Mini Pocket
Mini Pocket
Mini Pocket

Mini Pocket

Black Silver
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Black Silver
Mini Pocket
Black Silver $95.00 USD
Mini Pocket - Black Silver
$95.00 USD
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The Mini pocket is the perfect first addition to your Pocket Phonestrap collection. Its simple and elegant design makes it the ideal base for the strap. The timeless ANY DI trademark inspires the shape of the flap. The hardware, like the closable push button and the ANY DI emblem on the mini Pocket flap, are real silver plated. The smooth, durable black nappa leather complements this elegant, edgy silver-plated hardware. The Mini Pocket is big enough to fit your essentials like keys, lipstick, gum, or lighter.

- Pocket closable with snap fastener
- Loop with hidden snap fastener on the back for attaching to PhoneStrap
- Pocket suitable for small items like cosmetics, money, keys, cards, etc.

Height: 10cm Width: 6,5cm Depth: 2,5cm

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