KeyChain I Pineapple
KeyChain I Pineapple KeyChain ANY DI ®

KeyChain I Pineapple

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KeyChain I Pineapple
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KeyChain I Pineapple - Pineapple
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With this playful SunCover you are sure to attract everyone's attention. This small but beautiful accessory not only holds all your keys together, but also attracts all eyes as a charming pendant. Also on the bag the KeyChain is an absolute eye-catcher and a must-have for every fashionista.

The supple cowhide and the high-quality workmanship create the perfect balance between pure luxury and everyday suitability. The high-quality real gold-plated metal elements round off this chic accessory and ensure an exceptionally luxurious look.

- Chain with key ring for attachment

- Item number: KC101701PA
- height 4cm - width 8cm
- weight 0,017kg

The canvas already has a dirt and water repellent coating. Nevertheless, we recommend that dirt and stains be removed immediately and that the impregnation be refreshed regularly. Stains on canvas are gently removed with mild soap, a small sponge and lukewarm water. It is important here to let the cotton fabric dry well afterwards.

Our nappa leather is an especially smooth leather which is made of the cattle's ungrounded skin surface. For optimal protection, all Nappa-products can be treated with colorless leather-care products and a microfiber cloth.

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