Donut Patch
Donut Patch

Donut Patch

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Donut Patch
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Donut Patch - Pink
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Bon appetit! The sight of the "Donut" patch makes everyone's mouth water! Clip the patch to your SunCover "Black Button" and send a sweet message to the world. Who can resist this look?

Made of hight quality leather combined with the bright colors, the "Donut" patch gives your SunCover a look you can bite into. Our ANY DI patches are 3D embossed, handmade and individually inspected. Thanks to the real gold-plated snaps, the patch not only holds securely and firmly, it can also be swapped out at any time. Get creative together with friends or family and share and collect. It' s guaranteed to be a lot of fun!

- Design-patented Strap System

- Two large magnetic lock compartments

- One central zipped compartment perfect for laptop and Din A4

- One zipped compartment inside for important documents such as passport, as well as an open slide-in compartment

- Three open, separate compartments for business cards, pens and mouse

- Four protective feet at the bottom of the bag, which also serve as buttons for the backpack function

article number: PA101614DO

Height 37cm - Width 33cm - Depth 13.5cm

Weight 1.38kg

Suitable for laptops/tablets up to the size 33cm x 28cm x 3cm

Our nappa leather is an especially smooth leather which is made of the cattle's ungrounded skin surface. For optimal protection, all Nappa-products can be treated with colorless leather-care products and a microfiber cloth.

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The intelligent design-patented ANY DI Strap System allows countless variations of wearing options and there are no limits to your creativity. With the Bag L elegantly worn on the arm, you can turn everyday office life into a catwalk, casually worn as a shoulder bag it is the perfect travel companion and as a hip backpack it is simply THE statement piece par excellence. ANY DI offers a variety of carrying options and you decide which one fits your style!