KeyChain I Ice Cream
KeyChain I Ice Cream KeyChain ANY DI ®

KeyChain I Ice Cream

Ice Cream
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Ice Cream
KeyChain I Ice Cream
Ice Cream $35.40 USD
KeyChain I Ice Cream - Ice Cream
$35.40 USD
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Strawberry & Pistacchio in a waffle, please! With the SunCover Ice Cream with an ice cream cone look, you're guaranteed to draw all eyes to you. This small, elegant accessory holds all your keys together and is a delightful pendant, that will draw everyone's attention. The KeyChain is also the perfect eye-catcher on a bag and complements every look of a real fashionista!

The supple cowhide and the first-class workmanship create the perfect balance between pure luxury and everyday suitability. The high-quality real gold-plated metal elements provide an exceptional luxurious look.

- Chain with key ring for attachment

- Item number: KC101701IM
- height 4cm - width 8cm
- weight 0,017kg

Our nappa leather is an especially smooth leather which is made of the cattle's ungrounded skin surface. For optimal protection, all Nappa-products can be treated with colorless leather-care products and a microfiber cloth.

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