Miami Vibes

Miami Vibes - The new summer collection

Stylish pastel colors, Art Deco elements and summer vibes, all that you perceive when you walk through Miami. Passing ornate buildings from the 30s, along Ocean Drive, overlooking the sea. Surely one or the other fast car is coming towards you, possibly a Cadillac Edorado in pink. You feel free, confident and cheerful as you walk along the beach, so colorful with its loungers, umbrellas and surf shacks. It's warm, the sun tickles and you take your sunglasses out of your SunCover and watch the roller skaters. Fascinating how anything seems possible in Miami. From art vernissage to glowing party. A beach vacation right in the big city. And the wilds of the Everglades, where you'll encounter alligators and flamingos, right outside your front door.

The Miami collection effortlessly transports you to the Florida lifestyle, picking up on the soft Miami colors paired with exotic crocodile patterns. The selection of summer-ready SunCoverns - the most innovative eyewear case - is larger than ever in the new collection. Printed, embossed, or trimmed with intricate appliqués, creativity knows no bounds. And also the Pocket PhoneStrap gets more products for your colorful creations. With it, you can get creative yourself and put together a phone case that suits your style and needs. The coveted Bag L, which is a faithful companion as a backpack, shoulder bag and, of course, as a handbag, appears as a new edition with colorful crocodile pattern details. So you are perfectly prepared for your summer vacation. Maybe it goes to Miami?