Pocket PhoneStrap Combos

Phone, credit cards and ID and sunglasses – the essentials you simply can’t go anywhere without. But juggling everything you need to “do life” in just two hands is impractical. Big, bulky handbags just make things even more complicated. Finally, there’s a solution: Pocket PhoneStrap Combos.

We designed this show-stopping staple to conveniently carry your day-to-day essentials and keep your hands free. Its fashion that functions to make life effortless and elevated.

What Is the Pocket PhoneStrap?

The Pocket PhoneStrap is a luxury crossbody phone case that keeps your smartphone, cards and sunglasses organized and accessible, right on your body. A designer solution to bulky bags and juggling too many things at once, the Pocket PhoneStrap is essentially a combined phone and glasses case that keeps all the essentials protected and within reach.

Featuring a wide, crossbody strap, it combines fierce fashion with function to help you stay stylish and hands-free. Designed to keep your essentials accessible and protected, conveniently clip your ANY DI SunCover, Phone Pouch and an extra pocket to the strap. 

We designed this luxury Pocket PhoneStrap with style and versatility in mind. Customize your strap to match your #OOTD with the SunCover of your choice plus a:

  • Kiss Pocket. Ideal for lipsticks, chapsticks and lip liners.
  • Earpod Pocket. Compatible with most brands of earbuds, including Apple Airpods and Airpods Pro.
  • Mini Pocket. A Jack-of-all-trades pocket that perfectly fits lighters, chewing gum, and more.
  • Card Pocket. Features two convenient compartments that safely store your credit cards and ID.
  • Poo Pocket. Designed specifically to hold treats or pet waste bags during long walks with furry friends.
  • Money Key Pocket. Features a card slot and key ring to keep important belongings always accessible.

Patch it! Pocket. Round and trendy to hold small items while showcasing your favorite ANY DI patches.


Our luxury crossbody phone holder comes configured with our most popular designer features. Choose from the Crossbody Phone Case or the Crossbody Phone Holder Pouch (compatible with most smartphones), and carefully curated add-ons like pockets and SunCovers.

In contrast to the popular cords, the PhoneStrap more elegant and stylish, it also offers much more storage space. The Phone Strap is based on the principle that it adapts to you and your everyday life. With snaps you can attach various pockets, SunCover and card cases. The variants are endless. To help you create your perfect PhoneStrap the PhoneStrap configurator will help you. For the undecided there is already ready combos. There is even a discount on the combos.

Small everyday objects such as keys, cards, money or headphones.

The pockets are all available individually, so you can buy multiple pockets and mix and match to personalize your Pocket PhoneStrap. That's what makes the PhoneStrap so special and changeable!

Both straps are adjustable in size. The highest size range but the PhoneStrap has nylon. The leather strap is adjustable in size like a belt with the help of holes.

It’s not just a “phone crossbody with glasses case.” It’s a statement-making, show-stopping accessory specially designed for living life luxuriously with more hands-free moments. The Pocket PhoneStrap is beautifully designed to bring high style to the traditional phone and glasses case, with no bulky bags or bulging pants pockets required. Keep all your valuables protected and always at arm's reach in a fashion-forward way with ANY DI.