ANY DI Capsule Collection Ocean Envelope Bag Acessories
ANY DI Capsule Collection Ocean Envelope Bag Acessories
ANY DI Capsule Collection Ocean Envelope Bag Acessories
ANY DI Capsule Collection Ocean Envelope Bag Acessories
ANY DI Capsule Collection Ocean Envelope Bag Acessories

Envelope Diamond Bag

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Envelope Diamond Bag
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Envelope Diamond Bag - Ocean
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The royal color "Ocean" of the Envelope Diamond Bag in deep blue convinces with its stripes reminiscent of waves of the vast ocean. The silver hardware creates a beautiful harmony with the cool color of the leather, making the robust chain glitter in the light like sea foam.  

In order to utilize the precious raw material almost completely, the decision was made to elaborately create the bag using smaller pieces of leather.  

The new envelope-shaped bag picks up on the emblem shape that runs like a signature through the ANY DI product line. Nappa leather and suede alternate in gently curved arcs to create a subtle striped pattern. But that is not the only special feature of the noble bag. No new leather had to be used for its production, because the delicate stripes consist entirely of leather cuttings from previous ANY DI bags. The "Revival" Collection stands for recycling and waste reduction. 

- One zippered compartment inside and 2 main compartments (close with magnetic button).
- One slide-in pocket outside on the back of the bag suitable for smartphones 
- High quality metal chain with silver plating (length 21,2 inches - long carrying variant / 12,2 inches - double chain, short carrying variant) 
- Dust bag made of velvety soft velour material to protect the bag 

Item number: HB102102OC
height 6,2 inches - width 8,66 inches - depth 3,9 inches
Weight 0,66 oz

Our nappa leather is an especially smooth leather which is made of the cattle's ungrounded skin surface. For optimal protection, all Nappa-products can be treated with colorless leather-care products and a microfiber cloth.

Our suede is a particularly soft suede leather, which consists of the skin underside of the cow. The fibrous texture is extremely robust and breathable. To protect the leather optimally, all suede products can or should be impregnated with colorless leather spray and roughened with every care

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