Interview with lili paul roncalli

Lili Paul-Roncalli is brand ambassador and campaign face of the new ANY DI Pocket PhoneStrap campaign. "The constellation couldn't be more fitting!" says Anne Dickhardt.

The Pocket PhoneStrap is not only magnificently staged by Let's Dance winner and acrobat Lili Paul-Roncalli, Lili combines her great passion for acrobatics with modeling at the same time. "With Lili we have found the perfect model! She is not only beautiful, she is also a very ambitious, down-to-earth and athletic woman who has already accomplished a lot at her young age and achieved a lot."

Dear Lili, it's great that you took the time for a short interview regarding the new campaign. Most of the time you are seen in the ring as a talented acrobat at the Roncalli Circus. Now you are the campaign face for the new ANY DI Pocket PhoneStrap. Was this your first modeling job for a fashion brand?

For the past two years, I've been doing projects in the fashion world every now and then, in addition to my jobs on stage. Last year, for example, I was the face of the Austria Haut Couture Fashion Awards. If a project or a brand suits me, like ANY DI, I like to participate.

The conditions at the campaign shoot were not the easiest, yet you did the job incredibly professional and with insane stamina - we were thrilled! What was the highlight of the campaign shoot for you?

Definitely, the Dalmatian puppies. I love dogs, have 3 dogs at home myself. It was a lot of fun to shoot with them, although it wasn't very easy. Puppies are still very playful.

You were one of the first people to see the Pocket PhoneStrap. What was your first thought when you saw the product? What is your favorite combination?

I think it's a fantastic, stylish and very functional product. The Poo-Pocket, the Kiss-Pocket and the EarPod-Pocket are my favorites.

The pictures turned out beautifully. Do you plan to continue a career as a model in the future?

If a project or product suits me, then I'll be happy to participate again. I have a lot of fun working in front of the photo camera.

You successfully demonstrated your dancing talent in 2020 on the RTL live show "Let's Dance" and you'll even be dancing on the live tour in November 2021. Can we continue to follow you as a regular part of the Circus Roncalli shows in the future, or will it be difficult to reconcile the circus performances with the TV show requests?

The Circus and the Varieté were, are and will always be my home. But I always like to make shorter or longer trips.