Weekender Bag
Weekender Bag
Weekender Bag
Weekender Bag
Weekender Bag

Weekender Bag

Black Camouflage
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Black Camouflage
Weekender Bag
Black Camouflage $1,200.00 USD
Weekender Bag - Black Camouflage
$1,200.00 USD
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Be perfectly prepared for your next short trip or for the sports field, because the biggest ANY DI bag can carry quite a lot.

For a long time, this popular material was reserved for the bags of a major fashion house. Saffiano leather is particularly impressive due to its outstanding robustness, making it the ideal material for a travel bag. The Genuine leather is stain-resistant and exceptionally durable, thanks to a special process in which the cross-hatch pattern is pressed into the leather after heating and then sealed with a layer of wax.

Also made from cowhide are the camouflage accents that make the Weekender unmistakable. The metal hardware in deep, matt anthracite completes the look full of elegance and value. The Weekender comes with a length-adjustable strap with included shoulder pad. Thanks to the loop with the ANY DI logo embossing, the bag can be easily attached to the suitcase.

  • Height 34cm
  • Breite 60cm
  • Tiefe 30cm

Genuine leather with Saffiano embossing and protective coating

Height 34cm
Width 60cm
Depth 30cm

Weight: 1,92 kg

Included are a leather strap with shoulder pad and an adapter to carry the bag over the shoulder.

In addition, the bag can be attached to the suitcase by its large loop. Optimal for the next trip.

Saffiano leather has long been reserved for a well-known fashion house, but is now taking over the handbag world due to its benefits.
The embossed and coated leather is extremely robust and stain-resistant. It is very easy to wipe clean with a wet cloth.

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The intelligent design-patented ANY DI Strap System allows countless variations of wearing options and there are no limits to your creativity. With the Bag L elegantly worn on the arm, you can turn everyday office life into a catwalk, casually worn as a shoulder bag it is the perfect travel companion and as a hip backpack it is simply THE statement piece par excellence. ANY DI offers a variety of carrying options and you decide which one fits your style!