Nylon Strap Combo N°6
Nylon Strap Combo N°6
Nylon Strap Combo N°6
Nylon Strap Combo N°6
Nylon Strap Combo N°6
Nylon Strap Combo N°6
Nylon Strap Combo N°6
Nylon Strap Combo N°6
Nylon Strap Combo N°6

Nylon Strap Combo N°6

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Nylon Strap Combo N°6
Available Sizes $390.00 USD
Nylon Strap Combo N°6 - Available Sizes
$390.00 USD
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This set includes the Mini Pocket and the SunCover Strap Clip in taupe, plus the SunCover Taupe Diamond, a phone case of your choice size and the Nylon Strap in taupe. 

The Pocket PhoneStrap is a convenient crossbody smartphone case that can be customized to fit your needs. With these cute clip-on themed pockets, you'll always have your daily essentials at hand: be it keys, credit cards, doggie bags or cosmetics. Say goodbye to long searches in your purse and scratched phone screens. Just strap it on and go!

How to:

The Pockets slip onto the strap through their loops on the back and are then held securely in place by the gold-plated snaps.

ANY DIvas already guessed it: you can also attach the strap to all conventional ANY DI handbags and thus create a new look! ANY DI remains true to itself in terms of innovative functionality with this product!


Mini Pocket:
- Pocket closable with snap fastener
- Loop with hidden snap fastener on the back for attaching to PhoneStrap
- Pocket suitable for small items like cosmetics, money, keys, cards, etc.
-made of nappa leather
Height: 10 cm - Width: 6,5 cm - Depth: 2,5 cm

SunCover Strap Clip:
- SunCover Strap Clip closable with push button
- Can be attached to the Pocket PhoneStrap with the double snap fastener
- 24-carat real gold plated carabiner to attach the SunCover, as well as other Daily-Essentials
- Made of suede leather
- Height: 3 cm - Width: 5,5 cm

SunCover taupe diamond:
- Design patented shape
- Closable with push button
- Leather Hanger on the back for attaching to Strap
- made of suede and nappa leather
- Height: 6,5 cm - Width 13,5cm

Nylon Strap:
- adjustable length
- attachable to PhoneCase with gold plated carabiners
- can be combined with all ANY DI Bags
- up to 3 pockets
- can be comined with all ANY DI bags
- Max. Length 140cm | Min. Length 115cm | Width 4,5cm

- Silicone edge for slip resistance on PhoneCase
- high-quality nappa leather with logo embossing

- real gold plated metal elements

Stains on the nylon fabric can be removed with a little warm water and a microfiber cloth.

To protect the smooth leather optimally, all Nappa products can be treated with colorless leather care and cleaned with a microfiber cloth from time to time.

When cleaning suede leather, dry cleaning should always be carried out as a first step. Depending on the degree of soiling, a brush cleaner with rubber lamellae or a foam rubber block is suitable.

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A smartphone accessory for every situation. The Pocket PhoneStrap has space for up to 3 different Theme Pockets. An it-piece to suit your needs!